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Westchase Roofing





Your roof provides you with defense against rain, wind, snow, hail and heat. Every day your roof is exposed to weather hazards and other elements, all of which contribute to its damage and deterioration.

Many contractors are assigned with one difficult task to accomplish: How to identify roof problems.

Unless you are involved in the roofing industry, chances are, what happens on your roof is far from your expertise and other than noticing if your home starts to leak or if a shingle blows off, it might all be unknown or a mystery.

It is important to know the essentials about your roof and check it regularly to prevent major conditions but also leaving what you don’t know in professional hands.




If you’ve ever wondered what a roofing contractor looks for when he inspects your roof, here are some of the parts he pays attention to:

  • Chimney and its flashing: to see if any of the materials that is used around pipes or vents are prime locations for water damage or leaks.
  • Underlay of the roof which includes the sheathing and deck
  • Gutters: they are susceptible to ice damming in the winter and water build up if the gutters are clogged.
  • Truss and fascia of the roof is inspected as well
  • If there is a new wood which has been installed on the roof, this is a lure to insects and small animals. Bats, mice and squirrels are drawn to any holes or rotted wood.
  • The ridge vents and vent pipe.
  • The shingles, which are the ones that most homeowners pay attention to, because they are visible.



Some of the most common problems in roofing are:

  • Leaks and Moisture
  • Critters
  • Ponding Water
  • Improperly Installed Flashing
  • Punctures and Penetrations
  • Trees (overhanging limbs)
  • Ventilation
  • Shrinkage and Blistering
  • Poor or Faulty Installation
  • Improper or Lack of Maintenance



When choosing a roofing contractor, it is always preferable to look for someone in your own locality. You should contact a local roofing company which holds expertise in roofing and is a trusted name. Here you are 4 reasons it is better to contact a local contractor:

  1. Knowledge Of Local Regulations
  2. They have better Understanding Of Local Roofing Essentials
  3. Ease Of Communication For Future Roof Maintenance And Repair
  4. Beware Of Roofing Storm Chasers


In the Tampa Area we recommend Westchase Roofing, they provide all the services (since 2008) and the skilled roofing contractors you need to put the top on a perfect home, from complete roof replacement or new installation of an asphalt-shingle roofing systems.

One of the best things about them is that all of their services begin with a free quote and they respond quickly to any calls and form submissions about their roofing services, so it’s a great idea to contact them whenever you need something about your roof.

You can read positive reviews and real testimonials they have here: https://www.guildquality.com/westchase-roofing-services

Or here: https://www.owenscorning.com/roofing/contractors/contractor-profile/220081




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