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Why is travelling important

Why is travelling important for me?

Travelling has allowed me not only meeting new cultures, but also, opening my mind and make new friends.

It has a spark of magic and adventure at the same time. It allows me to know new places and feel so tiny, as its immensity is wonderful.

Everytime I have the opportunity to travel, I take it. It doesn’t matter if it’s abroad, or even to remote areas near my town or inside my country. Every trip is a new chance to free myself and explore all the wonders the mother nature and the universe have to offer us.

Nature and travel

I don’t know about you, but one thing I can’t help doing is visiting the natural part of the place where I am going. As simple as a trekking to the mountain, a waterfall, a lake, camping in the woods; it just gives me that connection I need with that spiritual part of me and amazes me with its beautiful and wonderful view on
its landscapes. The combination of colors, different weather and the contrast is just unbelievable and magical.

That’s even why I decided to study Photography. I started with macro-photography, watching all of that “unknown” micro-world to our eyes (site with all my photos coming soon) and then moved to Landscape Photography, those are my main focus, although I photograph every moment I can capture. Sometimes it’s hard because I am not sure to be behind the lens or just stop and admire the beauty in front of me, lol, I gotta figure out how to do both in the end!



Going Abroad

Although I’ve visited just a few countries by the time I’m writing this, as I had to stay present to build my company, that spirit is there and I will keep doing it.  I try going to places where I can amaze myself and connect with the nature here in my country as often as I can.

I remember my first trip to a foreign country, back in 2009, with a fair budget, and a total adventure. One of those crazy moments you just buy the tickets and take the first available flight. Do not worry to do crazy stuff. We are not crazy people, we just live a different reality from the rest of the world!

Travel Deals (coming soon…)

I will be writing more about travelling and how to find good offers online, travel sites and even get money back from your trips (up to 12% back).
For now, I’ll just leave you with this insight of what travelling means for me, and go ahead, plan your next vacation!

Do you like travelling?, Do you share the same feeling? Let me know in the comments. Suggest me some places to go in your Country/City and Share together!

You are very welcome to my country whenever you come!


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Gemima "Gemma" Rigby
Gemima "Gemma" Rigby
2 years ago

Nice blog post! I relate to a lot of what you are saying!


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