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TOP 10 WordPress Plugins for your Website


As you will see while you are reading the post, you need some plugins for your website, in order to be ranked and optimized.

So, here’s my TOP 10 WordPress Plugins for your Website:

Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:
This one is very important as all the websites need to have the Terms Updated!

Exclude Pages From Menu:
Sometimes you don’t want some pages to be shown on your menu, but you still need them active on your site once your visitors land on it, so, this plugin is very useful for that situation.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP:
You really need to track your movements on your page, you need to check how many visitors you are having a day and if they are staying on your site and clicking and everything. The plugin itself has a youtube video where you can configure it step by step.

Google XML Sitemaps:
You also need to index your sites on the search engines such as google, bing, and all of the important websites, so you can rank on the searches.

Page Links To:
You need this when you just want to redirect one of your pages to the desired URL you want.

Pretty Links:
It’s a very good one for me, this plugin allows you to convert those ugly and long links, into a prettier, more personalized links.
Let’s say, my link is the following “https://www.johnnatanvalencia.com/how-to-start-your-blog-in-5-
Then, with pretty links it will just look like this:
http://johnnatanvalencia/blog5steps” (or whatever you want to name it)
It works a little bit similar to the previous one, but I just like it!

Social Media Feather/Super Socializer:
You want your website/blog to be shared all over the social media! Both work fine for me, just choose the one you like better!

WordPress Facebook Conversion Pixel:
This one has a powerful use I will be talking in future blogs.  As a quick note, it allows you to track your conversions coming from the facebook pixel.

This plugin controls all the comment section of your website. Very important too!

Yoast SEO:
Finally, but not the least. This plugins helps you rank better, and correct all of your SEO issues. You don’t need to be an expert. It will tell you everything you need.

Later, you will need some others such as forms, squeeze pages creator, photo galleries, multilanguage.  But we will see them in future posts.

All of these plugins are FREE WordPress Plugins to use, of course, there are others you will need in the future and there can be a paid version of them. But so far, you just need the basic ones to make your site optimized and responsive.
Just go into the plugins area on your left side of your dashboard and click “add new”, then you just search for the ones I mentioned above!

I hope you enjoy this information for your business.

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You can watch this video where I explain some of them as well:


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Survival Mode Activated
Survival Mode Activated
3 years ago

I find that my IPAD continues to be uncooperative whenever I use WordPress. I don’t know if this a WP issue, or an IPAD issue. It’s very frustrating, really. Any ideas? If not, it’s okay πŸ™‚

Thank you,


Survival Mode Activated
Survival Mode Activated
3 years ago

Here is my sire in case you wish to check out any problems with it as per comment I just sent: