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Starting Tools

These are just the basic Starting Tools you need to begin using your blog or website and promote your products.  Most affiliate sites are free, creating your content too. Traffic can be free or paid, you choose, remember if you choose free, you always have to put in the work! Enjoy this section, and if you need any extra help, leave your comments or simply contact me!

Free Tools



First, you need the place where all of your info is going to be set.  Here I recommend some of the Free ones, but as I said in the Paid Section, if you want to take this seriously, you should have your own domain on this, since with this free site you can have a lot of stuff (don't get me wrong, it's a great way to start) but with your own, you can have more control. They also have paid services and hosting as well.

Links Tracker


Track your links is very important, so you can know where your traffic is coming from, these 2 are the ones I've used, they're good, not as good as the paid ones, but at least they allow me to know where are my leads.  So, for example, if you are going to post an offer or a link on Facebook, then you create first the shortened version on any of these two places, and then you will know your leads are coming from Facebook.


An autoresponder is very important, in order to automate your emails for your customers.  This the one I've used up to 2000 subscribers and for FREE, which is cool to start.  Just be careful to read their policies and do not spam, they are very strict with that

Paid Tools

Domain and Hosting

You will need a domain and hosting for your domain. Either you can start with a site like WordPress or Wix or Blogspot, if you are seriously thinking about having this set as your business, you better have your own, right? This is the one I use, because I can get cheap domains from $0.99.

Autoresponder to Automate your Emails

You need a mailing service as well. There are free versions like the ones mentioned on the Free Section, but sometimes you are limited and need to expand. This is the one I use, and it's free for a month, so you can check it out!

Links Tracker

You will also need to track your links.  I use this in order to know where my traffic comes from.  It also allows me to redirect my links and even generate exit offers for my leads!