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How to Start your Blog in 5 Steps

Here I am going to let you know in 5 Steps on how to start your Blog Online (It took me ages, but I finally got it clear and made it correctly)

  1. Find your passion(s): Either you feel passionate about it, or something you study and learn quickly, so you can easily write about it and share with your followers.
  2. Start your site: You can start your blog online for Free and with basic tools (check out my “Starting Tools” page), you can get a WordPress, Wix, Blogger site, or get your own domain (if you will take this as a business).
    Make it simple, the more basic, the better, but of course, add it your touch.
  3. Give value to your followers: Start writing as often as you can, include images and links (to inside the site and outside to your other Socials) and give valuable information, something they can use (depending on your niche, look for those valuable things, be creative)
    A little SEO would be good for you, nothing fancy, just make sure you are using enough keywords on your titles and posts. It’s not hard. Just Download this plugin for your site, it’s the one I use, it will tell you what to do!!!
  4. Email your List frequently: DO NOT SPAM. Send your followers updates about your blog, any news, any greeting, or something new you found or just an offer you have for them.
    If you don’t have any list, the best way to build it for Free is to get them from your social networks (facebook, instagram twitter, pinterest, linkedin), make a Squeeze Page with a form so you get their emails in exchange for something you give them for Free (an explanatory video, a PDF, a Webinar, some secrets, you name it)
  5. Stay on Track: Keep adding more content to your site and keep your followers from place to place. See what is trendy, viral, and make it part of your site.

I hope this How to Start your Blog in 5 S Steps was helpful for you. I will go in detail with some of the points described here. Let me know where do you want me to emphasize first 🙂


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