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Businesses grow and if you want to make them grow even more, you have to invest money in them.  So, if you’re like me, who work on your own, we may consider a self employed loan.











While many can think it is a risk to be under the banks control for this kind of loans, there may be good options to get one if your small business (either online or offline) is ready to make a bigger move, but you don’t have the working capital to do it:

  • Expanding your location: maybe you run a restaurant, or need a bigger space in your office. You might be ready for expanding, but it doesn’t mean your business has the funds to do so.
  • Equipment: If purchasing equipment would increase your business offering, this is a no brainer.
  • More inventory: it’s one of the biggest expenses of businesses. You need to keep up with the demand by replenishing your inventory with plentiful and high-quality options. This can be difficult at times when you need to purchase large amounts of inventory before seeing a return on the investment.
  • Building credit for the future: if you plan to large-scale your business, you want to start smaller, build your credit and then move on. This will help you get approved.
  • Finding a great business opportunity: sometimes you will find a great opportunity for business with great margins, but out of your reach, then this is another reason you could not leave that opportunity go. Of course, you must check everything first, and not being emotional.
  • Expanding your team: your business will find the momentum and your team will need new faces and more departments to be opened and you know that will include an investment as well.


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When to use business financing


You’ve been in business for a while, you are profitable and you have a very specific need for your business, it is necessary to pursue business financing first.

For example, let’s say you’re an established business with a great track record and find yourself in need of extra capital for a specific business need. A business loan may be a better route than a personal loan. You will not find a personal loan that covers your business need specifically.

Also, if you need a greater amount of money — usually more than $50,000 — a personal loan may not cover your business needs and business financing would be a better way to meet your financial goals.

In business financing, a lender will consider your time in business and future potential, your credit history and your company’s financials. If you qualify for business financing, it’s usually the best way to fund your business. But if you’re just getting started, a personal loan can be a valuable tool to cover your business needs.

Remember a Business needs money to make more money, and although there are many ways to get funds (especially online) you might consider a loan as a fast way to improve your business growth!


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