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Why Scuba Diving?

One of the many crazy things I like to do to live my life to its fullest is Scuba Diving.
I love being underwater, that sensation of being able to breath down there (even artificially) it is just amazing, apart from the beautiful and marvelous beings and all the nature there, it’s not something I can only describe, you gotta be there.









Getting Started in Scuba Diving

But let me tell you how I got started in Scuba Diving:

Could you believe I didn’t know how to swim?
I know right? Yeah, I didn’t. And then at that time, it was on my “dreams board” and bucket list, so I
had to learn no matter how, then I called a good friend of mine who had been a swimming teacher and Scuba diver for many years and we exchanged swimming lessons for English lessons (for those who don’t know I was an English teacher for many years too), then he accepted, it took me around a month (I was eager to learn) to master the basics, but I couldn’t float (lol) and by the third month, watching children float, I learned and I was ready.

The First Experience Underwater

I was excited, relaxed because I already knew how to swim and I wouldn’t die drown. But I was anxious,
Rule #1 Diving is to never stop breathing, I didn’t want to die down there and I wanted to do things right. We had already prepared the basics like a month before because I’m a very curious person and wanted to study before traveling to the sea, but I cannot denny you feel strange with all the scuba
diving gear on, the neoprene suit, the fins, the snorkel mask, the regulator to breath, the BCD (vest), the tank, damn all of that is heavy. I did the PADI Open Water Course, which includes 6 immersions with previous instructions. We went to the beautiful city of Taganga in santa Marta (coast part of my country, Colombia, you should come).

The first 2 immersions I can say I didn’t enjoy very much, as I was a little bit nervous and didn’t want to lose sight of my instructor. But then, when he told me to relax, that I was doing great, I started focusing on the fish, and the corals, and let me tell you, the calmness you feel underwater (eventhough the many things you can think of because of anxiety) it is unbelievable. Simply something you must do, even if you’re scared of. If I could do it without knowing how to swim very professionally, ANYBODY can do it too.

Testing Underwater

They test you too, things such as removing your mask and put it back on, simulating you are without air and ask your diving buddy for air, security stops, how to put on your scuba gear correctly, and more. It’s very exciting and more if you are like me, a person who likes to do crazy stuff and learn as many things as I can!

The experience was so amazing, I did the Advanced Course (where you practice underwater photography, control better your buoyancy, learn to recognize many fish and also dive at night, yeah, you read that right, scuba diving at night) and then I did the Rescue one, and I’m on my way to become a Dive Master. Definitely an experience I recommend you all!


(That’s me 90ft underwater, Amazing stuff, I even did math down there, WHAAAT? YEAH, check the video below to see me in action)





Of course, I continued swimming almost everyday (I improved my technique), because if you learn something, at least do it with dedication and discipline!

I will leave you with my last video, where you can see some of the moments I’ve lived while scuba

If you want to practice Scuba Diving safely, we have contacts in all over the world if you want. And if you want to go with us, you are very welcome as well.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you Scuba dive to add you to my friends so we can keep exploring the amazing beauties the Ocean has for us!

See you on my next travel blog, where I will tell you how I jump from an airplane at 14.500ft.

Hugs! Peace! Leave me your comments, I enjoy reading and answering!

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2 years ago

Amazing. I’d love to scubadive, but I’m afraid of Sharks ?