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Pest Control Software?


Who hasn’t had any issues at home? Ants, rodents, termites, cockroaches, you name them! And we always deposit our trust into “The Exterminators”.  Finding a good company can be a hard job, but trusting a company which is updated with the trends and the IOT (Internet of Things), meaning the use internet and integrated solutions for you to check everything will be fast and under control, is very valuable!

Have you ever heard about Pocomos? Pest Control Software?

Well, it does exist! Pest Control Software gives you complete access to all the pest control industry management tools you need to manage your business or if you are a user, to keep track of your services.

Pest control software is used in public spaces and agriculture, residential, and commercial buildings to protect people and the environment from organisms that may cause trouble and epidemics. It helps exterminators collect and analyze pest data and recommend appropriate solutions. By using pest control software, companies ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers while also ensuring the safety of their employees. It can also help with preventive pest control.


Pocomos is a Comprehensive pest control CRM software which allows your company to become efficient, create E-contracts in the field, take payments on any mobile device, complete work orders on the go, increase sales with robust sales tracking tools, increase operating efficiency with powerful report suite, route stops effectively with their Google Maps Integration. It is also integrated with accounting billing, it can process payments and invoices, which makes it even more efficient as customers can log on to their own portal and pay their bills.

A little bit into detail, it will allow you:

  • Track your sales funnel: which means you can monitor and track your sales leads, methods, and effectiveness.
  • Create E-contracts: you can create and edit E-contracts and work orders, and collect digital signatures.
  • Collect payments: Track cash, checks, and other payment methods. Charge credit cards and perform bank transfers.
  • See your office in real time: you can monitor the progress across your entire company in real time and increase technician and employee production and efficiency.
  • Scheduling and Dispatching.
  • Accounting and Reporting.
  • Inventory Management


Having a successful pest control business is not only about knowing the best techniques to get rid of insects and rats, but it is also about automating every aspect of the business in both ends (company-customer), and this can be done through this pest control software.


You can check the review that was posted on the g2 website, a company with 732,200+ validated user reviews to help you make smarter decisions on choosing the best option:


Or you can also check the getapp website, where they also wrote a nice review about Pocomos:



In conclusion, in a world which lives now in the power of the internet running through our computers and phones, it is necessary the companies make part of it and pest control is not an exception, check for yourself what Pocomos is and what they are doing to help you make your choice!

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