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Facial Plastic Surgery


Facial Plastic surgery is a type of surgical procedure that many patients often get done, more commonly known as a facelift.

When you get a facelift done on yourself, what your surgeon is doing is basically moving parts of your skin to reshape your face to the desired fit. There are many processes that you are going to have to take in order to get this type of surgery done!


Evaluation Procedure


The most important part of the procedure is going to be the evaluation period where the surgeon will inspect your face and get an idea of what he/she is going to be doing. They will often ask you a lot of questions to find out what you want. They will also usually suggest some improvements of their own.

At this time you describe as much as you can about what you want to be done during your surgery as you want your surgeon to fully understand what you need in order to be satisfied with your appearance.


The Cost of Getting a Facelift


Plastic surgery is a fairly expensive procedure, and facial plastic surgery is one of the most expensive kinds that you can get.

This is because of the fact that the face is such a delicate part of the body to work with. The average cost of getting a facelift ranges from $5000 all the way to $6000. There are also many different procedures you can get done on your facial areas and these are cheek implants, chin augmentation, forehead lift, and lip augmentation.

The cost of your surgery is going to depend on several factors. The expertise of your surgery, the location that you are in and other factors are some examples of what will cause your plastic surgery to cost more money.


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With the variety of available treatments, it is no wonder that most consumers are not sure what procedures or options they should pursue. It is very beneficial to research not only the plastic surgeon you are considering consulting with but also the treatments you are considering.

There are many approaches to facial rejuvenation. Some treatments are less invasive than others. Patients are frequently confused by the difference in the potential results that can be obtained with surgery as compared to Botox or fillers. Surgery is designed to re-position sagging and lax tissues that have descended in response to aging and gravity. Botox is a toxin that prevents nerves from working. It actually prevents the muscles of the face from responding to the signals sent by nerves. When muscles don’t move, the overlying wrinkles appear smoother. Unfortunately, in some patients, Botox can result in an unnatural frozen look. Fillers are a variety of substances that can be injected into the skin in an area of a wrinkle to smooth out lines and furrows. There are various types of fillers and they last varying degrees of time from four months to two years.

In my opinion, when patients show signs of facial aging, including sagging tissues, wrinkles, furrows, and aged appearing skin, the best results are obtained with a three-prong approach to rejuvenation, including skincare, fillers, and surgery. If any of the three prongs are omitted, the result is not as good. It can be difficult for patients to know what surgeries are right for them. Most patients want the best result possible with the longest-lasting effect, but some look for shortcuts that are less expensive and reportedly come with quicker recovery times. Regrettably, there are many publicized treatments that do not hold up over time but can be quite expensive. The best way to protect yourself against this potential pitfall is to consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who performs a considerable amount of facelifts a year.


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