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A very important part of the college-funding process is searching for scholarships. Β Scholarships are a great way to a free college education. Β Many prospective college students look for several other means for funding their college education such as grants, or loans.

Grants are funds that do not have to be repaid, when student loans usually have to be repaid. There are several ways how to pay for college, and start off your college career with scholarships. This article will discuss about this, the outside scholarship search process and the Nancy Etz Scholarship, as a great option to apply (check out the link the end)


Check what colleges and universities may have in terms of available scholarships. Students should be proactive in obtaining outside scholarship and put some time into searching for additional scholarship sources.

There are a several sources of outside scholarships available to students and these sources of scholarships may be closer to you than you think.

Here are some examples of these sources:

Local Scholarships: At the majority of high schools, your guidance counselor will have information and applications for available local scholarships to graduating seniors. A high school guidance department office will have information and applications available to students during the school year, so it is very important that students visit their guidance office to seek out scholarship opportunities that are managed at the high school level.

Check in with your guidance office in your senior year to inquire about the local scholarship application process, application deadlines, and related requirements.

Religious Affiliations: If you have a particular religious affiliation, you may want to inquire if there are scholarships available for participating members.

Community, Business, and Civic Organizations: Many community organizations, clubs, and groups provide scholarships to college-bound students. Check with any community organizations that you are involved with and inquire about available scholarship programs.

Military: Every branch of the military services offers scholarship programs of some kind. These program offerings may change often and definitely have specific qualification requirements, procedures, guidelines, and commitment details. The U.S. Military is a provider of a number of scholarship programs.

Employers: Many employers, especially those with a large number of employees, offer scholarship programs for dependent children of employees. It is important to contact the Human Resource Department and inquire whether they have scholarship programs and what the deadlines and application procedures are to apply.

Scholarship Search Databases: The final option for acquiring monies for college that I will mention is a scholarship search through a reputable database. Be careful with this option, you should NOT pay any company to do a scholarship search for you as students can seek out scholarship opportunities for free from a number of sources.

Free scholarship databases are dynamic search engines and give students an opportunity to create a profile, share demographic information, and input specific academic interests and talents into the search engine. In turn, students are provided with a list of possible scholarship opportunities that match the criteria that they entered into the database. After reviewing the results, students can then decide which opportunities they realistically should pursue. Each scholarship opportunity will require a separate application and has a set of requirements associated with the application. It is time-consuming, however, one that should not be overlooked. At least, create a profile in one of the search databases and get a sense of the various options available and then decide if you want to apply for selected opportunities.

Read on forbes about Scholarships here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2019/11/14/what-are-the-best-resources-for-finding-college-scholarships/

Students should also check out college funding websites for outside scholarship information. Many colleges provide information pertaining to outside scholarships and some provide helpful information on scholarships that their students have previously received. Students should also think outside of the box and research companies that work in the student’s proposed area of interest. For example, photography majors should check out Nikon and Minolta, computer science majors should check out HP and Apple, and journalism majors should check with media companies and publications…. you name it! Be creative and think about all the options.


Now, after all the possibilities mentioned above, we included and want to broaden the information on Nancy Etz:

About The Nancy Etz Scholarship

To support and encourage students to pursue higher education, Nancy Etz awards this annual scholarship to those currently enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students in the U.S.

The Nancy Etz Academic Scholarship was created to recognize an outstanding student and provide them the resources needed to advance in their disciplines and eventually pursue their dream careers.

You can apply for it here: http://nancyetzscholarship.com/

You can also check the Florida International University promoting the application for Nancy Etz Scholarship here: https://casenews.fiu.edu/2020/05/04/applications-for-the-nancy-etz-scholarship-are-now-open/

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