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One of the most important things when being an Entrepreneur when you go Online on Business, is your Mindset. Spend some time with yourself and read this insight dedicated to you:

Motivation plays a very essential role in the life, as it’s like the engine we need everyday to get on the success road. An entrepreneur must motivate himself and never lose the focus on the Business.

What people think is that being into the entrepreneurial area is easy, and it’s not. Sometimes you even have to work more than on a regular 9-5 job. The most satisfying in my opinion is that you are working on your own stuff, but it’s hard.

Watch how successful people do and act. Do not accept negativity in your life. S#¡t happens, right, but it’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do to overcome that!


Success doesn’t happen overnight

You must enjoy the path to your goals, as it’s in that process, where you learn a lot, either the Business itself, or about yourself, and you get a better open mind about everything.
Success comes after years of accumulating failures and good deals.

I come from an entrepreneur family, mom and dad have always been a great example of “hard work and never give up” Mindset. That’s why I never lost focus, even in the hardest moments of business (yes, those days at the beginning with no sales or no visits) I knew it was going to take time. Never saw anything like “losing money”, for me it was an “investment“, a “lesson“. And it’s the same in life. You learn from your mistakes, you grow up, you become more mature.

Easy come, easy go

I see everyday more and more people posting and asking for easy or free stuff, “I want a business with no investment at all” or jumping from business to business saying nothing works.
Yes, there is a lot of BS out there too. Many gurus, selling smoke to people, but also people with weak, lazy minds.
Of course, there are many free to start businesses, but you always have to pay the price, either time or work, and money of course. So, the more you invest, the more return you can get. Many of the stuff online is for free, but then keep in mind, that being on a business will require some money investment. You can always start low, then add some money, and then scale it up.

Understand that, “we always pay the price for something in life

Read more, learn more

Read more books, they will teach you.
A millionaire mindset is not built with a cheap mind. You gotta educate yourself, we are not perfect, that’s cool. But we can learn.

Read something that builds knowledge and experience (it also work with videos if you are more visual, or audio-books if you like listening, you can combine). Do not waste your time. Time for fun is necessary, it will come.  Find some time to meditate about what you are learning and who you are becoming.
Do what others are not willing to do now, so you can enjoy what they won’t be able to in the future.
Mediocrity is there too, it’s your choice


Coming from a culture where people are judged because of being an entrepreneur or “solopreneur”, you are the only one who needs to believe in yourself.
Make small changes, get committed, discipline yourself, work hard, build, enjoy the process, and then you will start seeing results.
Remember, it doesn’t happen just right away. Prepare yourself for at least 2-3 years (some people do it in less, yes, but that’s not typical)

I hope you enjoy this and keep a positive attitude.  Keep yourself out of the comfort zone!. We all will succeed!!!

Let me share this video which has been my motivation many times:


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3 years ago

I like it a lot brother, there’s great accuracy in your words, keep it going!!

Sonal Bane
3 years ago

You have put it so well ! Thank you for this sound advice !

3 years ago

Johnnatan, it’s true what you say. Everything has a price, fair enough. Enjoy the journey, not just the end goal. Sound advice. Thanks for checking out a recent post. I’m glad you enjoyed. I appreciate it.


abbie isaacson
2 years ago

great read!

Steve Simmonds
Steve Simmonds
2 years ago

I’ve read just one blog and post… I’m hooked already.. I’m looking for sign up buttons n dang this guys for real.. Tells the truth says it it how it how it is.. No bs give the good bad n the ugly all there on the plate to eat with dessert to look forward to.

joseph elon lillie
2 years ago

I love the point that there is always a price to pay.


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Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
2 years ago

Man. I really loved this reading. I like to have my mindset going into the right way, and reading this just re-confirm that. Thanks for sharing your insights. Great!