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Melvin Brewing Scholarship

Are you looking for financial aid to fund your study? If you plan to go to college or graduate school, you should apply for financial aid; even you think you won’t qualify. Although financial aid just pays for only a small part of the tuition fee, it is still money that your family doesn’t have to pay out from their pocket. Applying for financial aid shouldn’t be that complicated, here are some tips to guide you.




Most colleges have financial aids offer to their students. So, the first thing you need to do is meet the financial aid officer at each college where you are applying for admission. You can schedule an appointment with the officer during your campus visit; if you can’t meet him personally, call him or contact him through email. The purpose of the meeting is to understand in detail what they are offering to the students from those colleges. Remember to check out the deadline of each financial aid application submission date. Get all your questions answered by the financial aid officer and make sure you understand all the requirements and support documents that need to be attached to your application before you submit it.

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Apply first even you have not decided to go to college yet. Because financial aids often awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and the school may close the application submission even before the deadline reach. So, if you wait until the acceptance letters arrive, you can miss the chance. You may apply more than one financial aid, and later decide which offer to accept, if you receive more than one offer.


The first step in applying for any financial help, either offered by a community college, four-year college, or university, you need to first fill up the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which enables you to receive financial aid from federal government programs. You just need to file one copy regardless of the number of admissions you apply for. Always plan to file the FAFSA on or as soon your senior year in high school as possible, because the earlier you apply the faster you will receive your results and the more aid you are likely to get. The fastest way to apply for financial aid is through the internet and you can file FAFSA online to speed up the process.


Approximately a month after you file for FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). This form tells you what your Estimated Family Contribution (EPC) is, based on your family’s financial capability as reported on the FAFSA. Review the SAR over carefully and correct any mistakes you find right away. After all errors have been corrected, the colleges can decide how much to award you in financial aid and what kinds of aid they will give you.


Soon after you receive the acceptance letter from colleges you apply for admission. You will also receive a financial aid package offers by the colleges. Review carefully the offers before you decide which one you will accept.


You don’t need to pay in full for your college study; there are financial aids available for you to apply for. Hope the tips above will give some guidelines for applying your financial aids. Start to apply for financial aids as early as possible so that you won’t miss any of them which you are qualified for.




This time we are going to recommend Melvin Brewing Scholarship. The $1,000 Melvin Brewing Scholarship was established in 2019 in support of those who are wanting to continue their education beyond high school.

Melvin Brewing believes in strengthening our communities. Students are our future, and they deserve the option to explore their career of choice. College or university is a great way to help students determine their career paths but can be costly.Β  Our hope and goal are to remove a bit of financial stress from seeking higher education.

Check out the full information here: https://www.melvinbrewingscholarship.com/


You can read a report ktvn did on the scholarship here: https://www.ktvn.com/story/42379404/melvin-brewing-opens-applications-for-its-2021-scholarship

Or the post the Council for Opportunity in Education did last year about it: https://www.facebook.com/councilforopportunityineducation/posts/the-melvin-brewing-scholarship-was-created-to-help-students-lift-a-little-bit-of/10156260907370264/


I hope these tips will help you find guidance on your search for a scholarship, and also take advantage to apply for the one at Melvin Brewing

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