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There are too many hobbies and interests around us every day. Such as craft hobbies, fun hobbies, extreme hobbies, world hobbies, great hobbies, action hobbies.

Hobbies help discover or rediscover ourselves because you have to use your knowledge, skills, and talents to give life to a hobby. Many times your hobbies and interests go beyond your personal creative world. Make a list of hobbies and interests.

Do you have too many lists of hobbies to choose from? The recommendation is to make a personal list of who you are and ask yourself: What do you like to do? What don’t you like to do? What do you love to do? And what you will not do.




Are you aware of the new hobbies nowadays?

Some of the new hobbies are involving technical, automotive, and space age assisted with new miniature hobby tools to help people design their handmade creations or to assemble hobby kits.

The easiest way to make time for your hobbies is to simply schedule some time for them and stick to it. No matter what schedule you have, whether it’s regular or flexible, it’s possible to make some time for your hobbies.  All you have to do is to be motivated and determined enough to stick to this.

For example, if you decide you are going to dedicate two hours on a Thursday evening to your hobby, you should do that and should not allow anything to get in the way of it. If it’s possible, try to set aside the same time slot every week so you get in the routine of spending that time every week on your hobby.




Do you want to check out what people do for fun on an interview?  Hobby Jam has the perfect space for you to see what other people do and you can get some inspiration to choose in case you don’t have a hobby yet.

Lego collectors have a space there too.  Check the interview here: http://www.hobbyjam.com/scott-hall-and-his-love-of-collecting-lego/

Or you can listen to a Dentist’s tip on this Podcast which refers to them:

–>Listen Here<–

Want to check if the site is safe? Check here:





A great way to make time for your hobby is to combine it with any other activity you do. For example, you could meet up with a friend for a hobby date where you catch up and practice your respective hobbies together. If you listen to music a lot, do it while you practice your hobby.  If you have to commute to work, use the time you spend commuting doing something for your hobby. You could take a notepad and write down ideas. These are just some of the ideas about how you can multitask and do two things at once to give you more time for your hobby.


Make it a priority.  Even if you have lots of big and small tasks to do, you can still make time for your hobby.  If you have a lot of household tasks to do, for example, simply tell yourself you’ll get all of these done by a certain day. Then set aside sometime the following day for your hobby and you won’t have any tasks to worry about; you can fully concentrate on your hobby. Your hobby is a priority, or it should be at least. Get fewer tasks out of the way so you can prioritize your hobby and dedicate more time and energy to it.

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