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Gartner Master Data Management


Master Data Management is the set of the technology, tools, and processes that ensure master data is coordinated across a company. It grants business users to create the information easily with standardized business rules, workflows and approval processes, enable an enterprise to link all the critical data into one file, which is called a master file that provides a common point of reference.

When you have the right backup software or cloud storage, your company becomes more effective and has everything as a unified service with the possibility to use and have multiple data levels. When you have a Master Data Management we are looking to eliminate duplicated data, manage location data, establish efficient data privacy policies and processes, monitor the integrity of your source systems, feed exact data into each your systems, introduce Business rules, automate a variety of resource-demanding tasks and more.

Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant

Gartner.com is a leading research and advisory company which provide senior leaders across the enterprise with the indispensable business insights, advice and tools they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the organizations of tomorrow. They equip executives across the enterprise to make the right decisions and stay ahead of change. Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,600 organizations in 100+ countries.

2018 Magic Quadrant evaluated solutions from 14 vendors to help data and analytics leaders find the most appropriate solution for their organization. The evaluation was based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. All the vendors were recognized for their ability to execute and their completeness of vision.

There are several companies which are strong in the MDM field, and just a few are featured on the gartner master data management website.

One of them is Profisee, a master data management company innovating data management strategies which provide an easy to use and easy to deploy enterprise MDM platform.  As a Microsoft Tier 1 Development and Gold ISV Partner has a worldwide reputation for expertise and competence with Microsoft Master Data Services. Delivered on premises, in the cloud, or via hybrid model (visit their website here).  They were named for innovative approaches to MDM which positions them for being a trusted, reliable and transparent company.

Profisee CEO Len Finkle says, “We are serving the 90% of companies yet to adopt an enterprise MDM platform by offering the first “Fast, Affordable and Scalable” solution.

You can read the whole Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions here: https://www.gartner.com/en/documents/3895663

You can also check this informational and interesting post called “14 leading vendors for master data management software” where they wrote this line that called my attention: “Profisee’s understanding of the MDM market’s requirements forms the basis of a solid set of multidomain capabilities and roadmap”.

Read the full post here:


Concluding this post, it is good to see that the myth in which people say Large vendors or “Mega-vendors” (SAP, IBM, Oracle) dominate is not true and that other companies have the chance to grow.  New technologies are offering new and fast ways to address challenges where the industry thought it would take years.



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