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Entrepreneurship is NOT for you!

Entrepreneurship is for real “Hustlers”, “Fighters”, People who don’t lose the focus and who are ready for struggle without losing the vision of where they want to be. A real Entrepreneur does not only share motivational quotes, they actually work to achieve their goals.

Why this message?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when being a business entrepreneur, is to be ready for failure. Failure is not that bad, it teaches you.

The percentage of people who became successful without struggling or failure is very low, most of the greatest entrepreneurs, millionaires, billionaires and multimillionaires went through a lot before they got there.

If you are not ready for that, then Entrepreneurship is NOT for you, as the title of my blog goes. You must be ready to fail and keep working, because you are the only person who’s gotta believe in yourself.

You will fall, but you can get up as many times as you want, it’s a matter of willing and resistance and awareness, to have a deep insight of what you lived and learn from that.

Struggle is real, so are the fighters!

I’ve been there, I’ve succeed and I’ve struggled. I’ve fallen and gotten up back and forth. I know that feeling of thinking you got it, and you didn’t, or “being in a good business” and then lose money.

I know that. But I have it clear in my mind where I am going to be, dream about it (while being awake) and work for it everyday. Sometimes I have to work harder, long hours studying, creating, but I am sure where I am.

If you are struggling, don’t worry, it won’t last forever. Change the plan, not the goal. Also look for the correct mentors, people who are where you want to get, they do know something maybe you don’t.

Be prepared to study, work, sometimes even sacrifice your time. Remember as I said in my blog about “Mindset”, you must be willing to pay the price for your success, discipline, drive and dedication!

My best advice is START NOW! Don’t procrastinate. It is better to be doing small tasks everyday than being in front of your computer, checking out social networks without doing anything. Study, but also start working on your project. The amount of effort you put into your business will define the results you will get.


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Alyzza Acabal
Alyzza Acabal
2 years ago

Awesome article! I learned a lot

2 years ago

Many of the best businesses in the world failed many times before they made it. Always learn from your mistakes. And, those of others.