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8 Tips to be an “Entrepreneur of Success”

No matter if you make part of women entrepreneurs, a young entrepreneur.  I want to share with you these Tips to be an “Entrepreneur  of Success” (I know “successful entrepreneur” makes it better, but I liked how it sounds) and achieve your goals!


Focus makes an essential part in a successful person.  No having focus on what you are running could distract you from your road, since that being an entrepreneur means that in a great percentage, people won’t believe in you, or they will question what you are doing; so, focusing will be the only thing that will allow you to see the goal and enjoy the process to get there.  You are the only person who needs to believe in yourself, that way, your motivation will come from within, and it will have an indestructible energy.

But remember, the best destinations are the longest and hardest to get to, a building is not built immediately, it requires solid foundations, and one brick at a time; the same way with your projects.  Start and get to your destination no matter the storms or winds against you, at the end your reward will be the success and that must be your focus!

Work on Yourself

Yes, believe it or not, one of the most valuable things is the person you become in the process of chasing your dreams, and as a part of improving in every aspect of your life, it includes improving yourself in the spiritual and personal areas.

Reading books or listening to audios (I will make a post about my recommended ones) which can take you to a superior level of calmness and peace and of course, the training you require to focus on your niche or project, because you must study what you are doing, as the best way to show your leadership is by example, showing how it is done.

I recommend you to see “The Secret” in case you haven’t seen it, and if you already saw it, just repeat it.  It is a powerful tool to work on yourself and start attracting what you want to get in your life and improving your present situation.

Here’s the Secret, so you can See it:

Financial Education

“Money problems are not solved with money, but with financial intelligence ” Robert Kiyosaki.

This sentence from this legend in business says something we don’t even understand or we believe incorrectly.

To be an entrepreneur of success it’s necessary to learn how to manage your money.  Saving to invest, not to spend, not to get into debt, to leverage in big debts (Robert says if you are going to get in big debt, make sure someone pays for you), and to have passive income, which are in the end, the key of your financial freedom, make “the money work for you” and not the other way around.

In this tip, I recommend 4 essential books for this financial education, which helped me when I was a mess in that topic:

  • The richest man of Babylon – George S. Clason.
  • Poor dad, rich dad – Robert Kiyosaki.
  • Cashflow – Robert Kiyosaki.
  • Think and Grow rich – Napoelon Hill

They will also help you get better business opportunities, so you can see them clearly and make money (don’t think you won’t screw it up, it will happen, it’s a part of the process)


Correct Relations

Being around negative people or people who are complaining about everything will decrease your energy, and then, everything related to your projects.

Surround yourself with positive, enthusiastic people.  A successful entrepreneur is characterized because he/she sees the opportunity in everything and is always an enthusiast to go for something new.

Positive people make your vibes with the universe better and to be able to attract everything you wish with a positive attitude, since it’s not only about thinking positive, but also working for it.



Thank everything you have, everything you’ve built.  Nothing bad happens to us, we get lessons, and the good things, are just blessings.

Be thankful for everything you have gotten so far, and thank for everything that is coming.  Be thankful with your failures, as you have learned from them and those are the ones which will guide you to success.  Thank and forgive yourself, you must forgive yourself for allowing something that you didn’t want to happened and it did.  So, be thankful about everything you learn, from all the teachings you get on your way to the cliff.



Although this tip might be related to tip #2 I wanted to make it separate.

Make some time for your mind and practice mindfulness exercises, meditation, anything which can take your spiritual area to the next level and be a better person.  Being spiritual is about helping others, have a very deep consciousness about your inner thoughts and being aware of everything you do.

Enjoy every moment of your life.  One of the recommendations Master Thich Nhat Hanh on mindfulness explains that you should not be thinking about work or problems when you are even having a shower, you must enjoy the water drops going through your body, the smell of your soap, enjoying breakfast by tasting everything, thanking the source where it came from.  Watch the video HERE so you can understand what I am talking about.



I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here, but everybody knows a healthy body and a healthy mind are the perfect combination for your life.  As a sports person is very easy for me to have a regular exercise routine for everyday and sometimes, when I have little time, I make 30 mins fast and hard workouts in order to be disciplined.

Exercise will keep you with more energy in all the aspects.  So make sure to start this one, be careful, do not over-train, and if you haven’t started a routine, start slow according to your abilities, and give time to your body for conditioning and adapting.



Be disciplined.  Create a daily routing.  Organize a schedule for everything you are going to do during the week, include reading and listening to audios in it as well.  Make 90-day plans, so you can measure your progress.  Create short, medium and long term goals, but put dates on it, it is very important they have dates, since you can know how long you have to reach them.

Persist till the end; as I mentioned above, the road won’t be easy, but if you enjoy it, you will find joy in the goal as well.  A champion has in his mind, the winner attitude, it’s not about the medals or getting to the end, it’s everything you go through to get there, until you become a natural winner


I hope these tips for being an entrepreneur of success have a positive effect on you.  I apply them and it is valuable to become a better human being.  Our mission in this world is serving, but you got to serve and love yourself first!

I will bring more tips for you if you like these ones, you can also read on my “Mindset” post something related to this post as well.



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Steve Simmonds
Steve Simmonds
3 years ago

A phrase came to mind when I read this “meditate on my precepts” and each of the steps you mention wow I’m actually going through this myself, right this minute on the rabbit hole journey I’m on. I’m a guy who needs to test things prove things before I can trust n the fact you put into words what I can only describe as being whispered to me daily by my spirit. Sometimes you can question what do I trust believe in or follow but I’m clicking the follow button.