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Did you know about Ecommerce? Yes, any transaction either data or funds.  An amazing world which we need to take advantage of!

2 years since I started projects on Ecommerce with Ebay and Amazon, now also focus on Mercadolibre and Linio in my country (Colombia) and on Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp).

Ecommerce is one of the best options to start in the Online Business world.  Why?  Because, if you have noticed, nowadays it is more established to buy online on the different previously metioned means and starting in each of them is completely FREE. And you can start in a simple way, even, going to your local store, get some items and with the pictures of the same items, sell them, without even buying them with a tecnique called “Dropshipping”.  Everything works, and with some dedication, you can make it work too.

Ecommerce in action

Here you can see something of what I am talking about:

And look how a media expert like Gary Vaynerchuk talks about Ebay y Amazon (which is also applicable for latinamerica in my case:

You can have my  FREE COURSE to sel Facebook or a FREE 1-1 Advisory!

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We are already a team, trained by me and they are already on their way to several sources of income selling online. It is a road which is worth going through, as well as you are achieving your goals.

I like 100% straight up things, no bs or lies, and everything can be proven.  The most important thing is to shorten the curve, but alswo being conscious that the best way to get results is by adding your dedication and discipline to reach your goals; sometimes is time, sometimes is money, and sometimes both, but always with results! You can make it happen too, with dedication, discipline and putting up the work!

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3 years ago

Can this be done anywhere?


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