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Every year is a new opportunity to help more people be successful in Online Business and Earn Money Online.


I shared this picture on my instagram which describes what I’ve been through to find out what really works for me and which might work for you as well, depending on which one you like best and how much dedication will you be willing to put into it.

How to Earn Money Online

I described there that I’ve failed many times, studied a lot, tried many things, countless hours even with no sleep, trying to figure out ways to make money online.

Spent lots of money on courses, some of them were good; some others showed me what NOT to do.  And yes, it is a mistake to be jumping from course to course, from business to business, trying to find the perfect way to Earn Money Online, and in the end you have a lot of information and very little action.

I also was wrong about making everything online (like getting clients or trying to close them).  Many people are good at it, and maybe they’re getting a good income, they might have some information I don’t, but some of the great multimillionaires out there have made their income from investments such Real Estate or Startups, and I have learned, even in Online Businesses, High Tickets are closed either on the phone or in person, there’s not a very high percentage where an email will do that for you.


Leverage from Internet, Social Networks and all of the tools we have online is awesome, but there’s still some “dirty job” to do in person!

I learned this last one by following one of the most influencing Online Marketing experts like John Crestani or Brendan Mace (–>Get his FREE program here<–) and one of the biggest ones, Neil Patel.

Reading Grant Cardone‘s books and studying his videos, I’ve learned about real assets and how to close better.

And following success cases like Manny Khoshbin, Cody Sperber on real estate as well, you know there’s something in common right there, since we’ve had this teaching from Robert Kiyosaki in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book.

I’ve been in the great, good, dirty, bad and real bad ones, so I know what I am talking about.

But everything has taught me a lot to get to the point to have different sources of income and helped me find and start developing my High Income Skill in Consulting, perfect for me, since I like to help people get to their goals.

Recently I’ve been following closely many influencing Entrepreneurs like Dan Lok and he makes emphasis on developing a High Income Skill and at the same time I was reading an old and great book: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill where it says exactly the same, not a coincidence uh? Another common pattern.


So I want to guide you through my process as well on how to make money from home, just like I’ve done and help you save some money to be spent on bad sites or testing too much!

Of course, you must keep in mind you have to invest, time, work, and sometimes money to make it happen, but starting with the basics can get you there, and if you want to scale, obviously you can JUMP!

Remember to master one skill/source at a time and then keep adding more (more eggs in different baskets) and that easy money is “easy come, easy go”, good things take time!

My Path to a High Income Skill has gone through: Ecommerce (Physical Products and Dropshipping as well, Ebay, Amazon, Google, Facebook/Instagram or your own website), Affiliate Marketing (struggled a lot on this one, not making super big money so far, but proved it works), Blogging/Vlogging (always there but dedicated with discipline just lately and also made money with them)

Are you already on any of these skills? or Struggling to earn money online?

What do you want me to make a video/blog about?

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