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Today’s post will be dedicated to Photography, a passion I share with Blake Rubin, the person entitling the headline. I will talk more about her and what she has done.




Photography, just like many hobbies, once it becomes interesting and more exciting, getting new gear and accessories gets higher in price as well.

In Photography, depending on your style (many people have several, others just focus on one such as macro-photography, landscape, travel photography, portraits, corporate, and on) you will need targeted gear and depending on how good you want your pictures to be, they will be more and more expensive, of course, you can start with basic stuff, because if you love this you can make great pictures with even an entry-level camera.

It’s more about getting the basic education to take great pictures, like composition and some basic rules like lighting and angles, the rest, if it’s in your blood, you will get it with the experience, because the most important in Photography is “THE LIGHT”.


For me, I see pictures in everything that’s around me, even a bug flying (I started this journey because I wanted to take pictures of insects), a beautiful sky (I combined landscape and travel photography with macro-photography), or just capture those moments which take your breath away.

Ever since I was a child I loved to capture moments (I’m from the 80s, so yeah, I had one of those rectangle cameras where you didn’t know what the pictures looked like until you revealed the film).

Then, once I grew up, I kept the same passion and started my education in Photography, I studied in the New York Institute of Photography and I did it because of passion, as I do not take it as a Profession (sometimes I got some jobs, but not on a daily basis)


Now, sharing the same passion, Blake Rubin, a Philadelphia-based photographer, fascinated with photography since she was a child, evolved that fascination into a career. She was enchanted by what she viewed from the lens of a camera and she let her imagination run wild.

The photographs she takes pull the viewers into the scene and captivate the senses. She went to college and took every class in photography they offered, learned new techniques, angles and the importance of the background and foreground. Once she combined her natural talent and education her photographs were beyond breathtaking.


She remembers how hard it was for her to pay for school to get the knowledge and skills that she needed to be the professional photographer she is today.

So, as a way to pay it forward to other college students who have hopes of starting a dream career but who are facing the same financial issues she once did, she decided to create the Blake Rubin Foundation Scholarship.

A scholarship which is in its second year was created to help one student per year lessen their financial burden from school, which is a great way to give back!



She has developed a great sense with portrait photography as she likes being able to capture the emotions of her subject. She believes the emotional aspects of photographs are more important than technical expertise, just like I mentioned previously.


I think Blake is doing an awesome job, make sure to visit her page, I’ll leave links below for you to follow.

We as photographers want to spread this passion through our pictures, now I give a great shout out to her as a colleague!

—>Blake Rubin<—

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