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Behrman on Communications


Today’s post will be about Behrman on Communications, a company guided on a hard-working woman whose success is due to her dedication and discipline through the years.

A company that embraces the unconventional tactics adapting themselves to the new trends and technology to publicize. It was the first agency to introduce widespread product sampling, and it continues to rethink and reset industry standards today in order to follow what’s new trending and new changes.


The Company

The company is seen as a forward-thinking public relations firm and the industry specialist in brand building.

Since 1851 the first client was Kiehl’s, a case study on how an innovation in public relations campaign can elevate an insider secret into an international beauty leader. Since then, the Behrman team has similarly transformed countless emerging companies into powerhouse names, and become tried and true experts in growing established brands’ dominance as well.


The Objectives

Behrman on Communications they know how good they are, the claim they can do everything, building brands, with a team of more than 30 creative and strategic thinkers and craft your story to share it with the world, in such a way that rewrites industry standards, builds influence delivering serious impact.

They focus its specialization in fearless, creative thinking and doing.

Capabilities in brand building, strategic planning, retail advisory services, public relations and digital influencer relations and management position itself not only as a pioneer but also a leading company in PR.

Besides every capability the agency has a strong belief that a successful brand is an authentic story, well-told. Since they are storytellers, it adds life into the brands by crafting and sharing its unique narrative, from strategy to execution.


The Services

Guiding you on branding, writing a website, mapping out a regional market media tour, or developing engaging digital campaigns and collaborations, their mission becomes to improve your company by sharing its bespoke story.

They specialize in different services, from traditional to more updated ways:

Traditional Media Relations & Integrated Communications:

  • Traditional and Digital Press Kit Creation
  • Media Relations spanning Television, Print, Radio/Podcasts, and Digital Outlets
  • Media, Influencer, and Celebrity Sponsorship and Seeding
  • Media and Consumer-Centric Event Execution, including Product Launches and Store Openings
  • Grassroots Communication Campaigns and Activations
  • Co-branding/Promotions, Partnerships, and Strategic Alliances
  • Professional Outreach and Activations Targeting Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Physicians and Aestheticians
  • Multicultural Programming

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

  • Brand Channel Audits, Competitive Analysis, and Metrics Reporting
  • Earned Digital Influencer Outreach for Authentic Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Strategy and Content Calendar Development
  • Paid Digital Influencer Programming, including Sponsored Content, Creative Campaigns, Influencer Trips, Event Hosting, Brand Ambassadorships and Collaborations
  • Paid Social Advertising Campaigns

Brand Building & Strategic Planning

  • Brand Architecture Development
  • Brand Positioning and Messaging
  • Website Copywriting
  • Packaging Copy and Content Advisory Services
  • Launch Strategy Development & Execution
  • Comprehensive Product Overview and Assortment Planning Guidance
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Advisory Services Relating to Distribution Strategy

As we can see, Behrman on Communications is a great example on how a pioneer company (empowered by the founder Nancy) can adapt to any change the new seasons can bring.


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