Where to Start?

Multiple sources of income


Sell in marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Mercadolibre, Facebook and Instagram, or just create responsive websites with ecommerce integration, with physical products or dropshipping

Affiliate-Internet Marketing

Promote products Online either yours or others, in order to make profit just by sharing links to your list or social media contacts


Write about what you like, your passion, hobbies and then share with the world, create an audience, then make it a Business

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About Johnnatan

Entrepreneur, and Online Business Guide.

Multifaceted dedicated to Photography, Sports, Travel and Online Business, specially Ecommerce in all the marketplaces, Marketing Online, and Trading. With a great wish to provide the community my knowledge and help many others get the same results. To know more about me, better tell me about you and let’s know each other!

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